Digitally Native Businesses on Polkadot

Hashed Network enables the full lifecycle for digitally-native organizations and web3-curious businesses seeking benefits of decentralized digital economies.


Hashed Network protocols and digital organization tools




Create legally-compliant digital organizations, including deployment of smart contracts, tokenization, and compatibility with business pallets.

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Business pallets

Lower cost and accelerate commerce using composable and reusable business primitives for features such as marketplaces, role-based access control, and NFTs that secure IRL assets.

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Confidential docs

A trustless multi-user encryption protocol for storing and sharing files and data, such as invoices, certificates of authenticity, or identification (KYC) documents.

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Native Bitcoin Vaults

Native Bitcoin Vaults use the blockchain for multi-signature coordination and broadcast of native partially-signed bitcoin transactions. Perfect for business treasury self-custody of bitcoin.

Original Grant


Digitally-native triple-entry accounting with integrated wallet, balance sheets, and income statements. Built with a focus on bitcoin, fully-backed stablecoins, and fiat.

Network services

Pallets have built-in support for friction-reducing and compliance-ready roles such as Arbitrator, Appraiser, and Asset Redeemer, encouraging p2p engagement, network effects, and service discovery.

Marketplaces Protocol


Polkadot XCM

Parachain candidate for Kusama and Polkadot relay chains, with plans to open XCM channels that expose businesses to the best opportunities in the ecosystem.

Banking integrations

Easy to integrate fiat on/off-ramps, payment methods, and access to digital custody with a chartered Wyoming-based Special Purpose Depository Institution.

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Flexible authentication

A journey that guides users of all levels from familiar email/password authentication to self-custody at their own pace. Eliminates the initial friction point for lightweight, web3-curious, or reluctant business users.


EB5 Proxy

More cost-effective and compliant than annual audited financials—the blockchain prevents fraud in real time so project funding works for all EB-5 stakeholders -- escrow banks, accountants, immigrant investors and their counsel and agents, and of course, USCIS.


Bid, buy, and sell transferrable tax credits with the speed and security of the blockchain. Tax credit authenticity and redemption handled by Certified Public Accountants.


Hypha's DAO platform has a range of flexible tools to craft governance to achieve an organization's goals, such as ranked choice, stake-weighted, and traditional organization voting.


LeaseX is a marketplace for owners of residential real estate rentals to convert the cashflow from a tenant lease agreement into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that may be bought and sold at a discount of face value to qualified Investors.